How to stay safe on holiday in Italy and Portugal: the basics

Transylvansia Castanet is the only town in the Italian island of Sicily that does not have a public swimming pool.

But it’s a place that’s worth visiting for its beaches, its sandy beaches, and its vibrant, colourful streets.

Here are five tips to make sure you have the best time of your life while in Transylvania.


Get out early The Italian holiday is traditionally reserved for a couple of days at the end of June and July, with the majority of guests staying in the coastal towns of Turin and Venice.

In the summer, the resorts can be crowded and the beaches can get crowded, so the best way to avoid crowds is to get out early.

In June and early July, the best times to visit the island are between 7am and 6pm on weekdays and around 9am and 12pm on weekends.

If you want to go on a holiday that lasts a couple days, you should book ahead as most hotels in Transilvania do not allow overnight stays.

The hotels will book you at the airport, which is why you should be able to book in advance, but the booking process takes longer.

If your hotel has a cancellation policy, ask them for a cancellation fee to cover any additional charges.

Most hotels offer a hotel-only option, but if you want a longer stay, the hotel will need to book you a room with a group of people to ensure you stay together and that you don’t bump into any other guests.

A group of five or more can cost about $120 a night, which can get expensive.


Go to Transylvia Transylviansia is a tourist destination that boasts an extensive range of beaches and picturesque, picturesque seaside towns, including Turin, Venice and Palermo.

The town of Pescara is a popular destination for sightseeing, and the most popular tourist attractions are the stunning cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the city of Palermino, the birthplace of Giuseppe Verdi.

It is also the main centre of Transylvorian culture, with a huge number of monuments and artworks dating back to the 15th century.


Visit the coast Transylviransia and its many towns have been a part of Italian and Portuguese history for centuries.

A major port in the area, Pescaricce in the town of Spero, is famous for its fish market, and in the 17th century, the town hosted the first sailing ship from the island of Madeira.

In 1817, the island was occupied by Portugal, and a treaty was signed in 1823 between the two countries, allowing Transylva to secede from the former Italian colony.

In 2018, Transylvinians voted overwhelmingly to remain part of Italy, and they’ve been granted independence by the European Union.


Enjoy the sun, water and fresh air Transylvegas is a seaside resort town of about 11,000 people in northern Transylvenia.

It’s home to the town’s iconic sea-skier lighthouse and the town has an iconic, sun-kissed beach, but there are also plenty of other sights to see and do along the coastline, including the famous Transylvasque, a popular summer beach with the best views of the Italian city of Milan.

The best way of visiting is by boat, although if you’re visiting from Sicily, you can sail to the city for the best of both worlds.


Make sure you book a hotel room The best times of your stay in Translvia are between 9am to 6pm (local time) on weekday weekends and around 12 noon to 9pm (resorts only) on weekends, as well as between 7:30am and 9:30pm on holidays.

The only hotels in the Transylverian area do not have an overnight stay policy, but most hotels do allow you to book a room in advance.

If the hotel has cancellation policies, ask for a reservation fee to make up for any additional fees.

Some hotels offer hotel-specific options, while some hotels allow overnight guests to stay together, although it’s best to book at the hotel’s desk, which usually has a phone number.

There’s usually a desk available for booking online, but you can call the hotel directly if you have questions about booking your room.


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