South Beach Hotel to open for renovations

The South Beach Resort & Spa will soon open its doors to the public.

The new luxury hotel will have a brand new bar and restaurant.

The hotel, which is located at the South Beach Marina, will be a brand-new luxury hotel.

It is set to open in mid-March.

It will be located on the site of a former marina, just a few blocks from the famous South Beach Pier.

The South Beach hotel will be one of the largest luxury hotels in the world, according to a statement from the hotel.

It’s expected to have a bar and a restaurant as well.

This will be the hotel’s first major expansion since it opened in 2008.

The hotel has a capacity of 1,000 guests and its main attraction will be its restaurant, The Beach Bar and Grill.

It features an outdoor patio and will be open for lunch and dinner.

It will be South Beach’s largest hotel.

In 2015, The South Bank Resort and Spa in Florida closed due to economic issues.

The resort had about 10,000 rooms, but a lot of that capacity was taken up by the hotel, according a story in the Tampa Bay Times.