What you need to know about the new health-care law

In 2017, a little-known federal law required insurers to cover contraception.

This year, a lot more people will be covered by that law than they were in 2017, as insurers have begun to offer contraceptive coverage.

But what does the law do for the ones who don’t have coverage?

The law also includes a provision that requires insurers to provide coverage for contraception.

Here’s what you need for the first time in your health-insurance history.

The Affordable Care Act is also the first major law in the nation to require insurance companies to offer insurance to transgender people.

The Obama administration said in February that this is the first law to mandate transgender people be included in the health-plan pool.

But the administration has not made the requirement mandatory for most insurers.

That’s because insurers have been required to do so in the past.

The ACA’s contraception mandate is one of many aspects of the law that include expanding Medicaid coverage, increasing subsidies for health care, making coverage more affordable and expanding the federal tax credits for insurance plans.

Coverage for contraception will be more common for transgender people, since they are more likely to use the health care system.

That makes it easier for them to obtain coverage.

The Supreme Court ruled in 2016 that Title X, which provides health care to low-income women, covers contraception for transgender women as well.

The ruling came after a lawsuit challenging the law.

The law requires insurers cover contraception, but it does not mandate it.

The federal government will not pay for coverage of contraception.

The Congressional Budget Office estimated that the ACA would save $7.2 billion over 10 years, or 0.5 percent of the federal budget.

The most recent CBO score found that the law would save the federal government $6.4 billion over the same period.

The CBO report did not include estimates for the cost of covering contraception, so the actual cost is not yet known.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Officer said in 2017 that it was unlikely that the costs of covering the contraceptive mandate would exceed $3 billion annually over 10 to 20 years.

And the Congressional Budget office has said that it expects to have a more complete estimate by 2020.

What is the contraception mandate?

The contraceptive mandate is similar to the mandate that every employer must provide coverage of birth control for women.

The birth control mandate is part of the Affordable Care Acts requirement that employers offer health insurance to women.

It is also part of a federal law that allows insurance companies a tax credit for covering contraception.

That is part

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