A Nashville hotel is trying to make money by selling hotwire hotels to foreign visitors

A Nashville-area hotel is offering hotel rooms at a discount to foreign tourists as it tries to sell its services to tourists in China.

The hotel in Chattanooga, Tennessee, has partnered with the Chinese Embassy to offer a discounted rate of $49 per night to international visitors and a $75 per night rate to locals.

The rate is currently available to both local residents and foreigners.

A recent investigation by the Washington Post found that hotels in China are charging tourists in the $1,000 to $2,000 per night range for rooms at hotels.

According to the hotel’s website, the hotel is “the first in the United States to offer hotel accommodations for the cost of the room in China.”

The company says that the deal with the embassy is “not only a win for our guests, but also an opportunity to build a business that can support the region’s tourism economy.”

The hotel’s promotional material suggests that the new rates will “give our guests access to the best of Chattanooga’s hospitality in a way that is affordable to our local residents.”

In its press release, the Embassy said that the agreement is “aimed at enhancing tourism to the China market.”

In an interview with Business Insider, the company’s CEO said that they “are going to work with the government in China to make sure that the Chinese hotels that we are going to be offering have the best quality and are the most affordable for Chinese guests.”

“We have a lot of Chinese guests and they are very interested in having hotel accommodations,” he said.

The company claims that the hotel will help bring the local tourism industry “up to speed” with the demand in China and improve the hotel industry in Chattanooga.

“The hotel will be providing a much more efficient experience for guests visiting Chattanooga,” the company said in its press statement.

“It will also help provide a more efficient service for guests when they are in the area and want to stay for a long time.”

The press release added that the Chattanooga hotel has been in the process of “creating partnerships with other Chinese companies to make Chattanooga more competitive with other cities.”

According to a 2015 study by the Chattanooga International Airport, Chinese visitors to the United Kingdom are expected to double in size over the next 10 years.

In 2020, the average Chinese tourist will spend over $5,000 in the UK, with China’s top 10 cities accounting for 80% of all Chinese visitors.

However, according to the report, “China’s economy has been growing much slower than the US economy for a decade and in the meantime, the UK’s economy is growing much faster than China’s.”

The Chattanooga hotel said that “we are in this for the long haul,” and that the “long term success of our hotel will depend on our relationship with the international community.”

“I can tell you from experience that people that come to China are attracted by our very attractive lifestyle,” CEO Kevin Stutzman told Business Insider.

“Our hotel has a beautiful location, we have a very good parking lot, and the local hospitality industry is very excited about the partnership.”

The airport says that “it is very difficult to attract international tourists to China,” but that it is “committed to providing our guests with a memorable and convenient experience for the duration of their stay.”

In a statement, the US State Department said that it “strongly supports the government of the People’s Republic of China’s efforts to foster economic and social development in its Far East region.”

The State Department added that “this development is critical to China’s future growth and prosperity.”

“The Chinese government is investing in tourism and is increasingly seeking to attract more visitors from other countries to help support its development and economic development in the Far East,” the department added.

“We welcome the Chattanooga Hotel to our community and look forward to working with them in the future.”

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