How to book hotel deals in 2018

A year after it was announced, the new Polygon hotel search tool has officially launched.

The company behind the popular tool has released a new version of its hotel search app and a new “Hotel Search” section, allowing users to quickly and easily see what’s available and where to book.

Polygon has made a few changes to the app since its launch, like adding a new tab called “Hotels,” which is now a place to check out and search for hotels, but it’s also revamped the search bar.

In addition to a search bar, the app now includes a “Travel” section that shows you all of the available hotels and the best deals.

In 2018, the Polygon app now allows users to search by name and then click “View Details” to see all of their hotel information.

The new feature also lets users choose to search only by location, city, or state.

Polygons newest version of the app has also added a new option for hotel searches, called “Search for Rooms.”

This allows users and the hotel staff to see exactly what is available and what’s on offer.

It’s also worth noting that if you do choose to “Search” for a hotel, it will now show a hotel’s “Hotline,” which will tell you if there are any available reservations.

This is a big deal for travelers and hotel staff.

If you book a room on a hotel and it isn’t listed in your booking history, you can often get a refund or a full refund.

Polygon is also allowing users and hotel employees to share their hotel reservations and find out what’s happening in the room.

You can also use this feature to find out if a hotel offers an additional night if you book one before your next trip.

Polygram has also redesigned the booking screen, giving users a more streamlined and user-friendly interface, along with a new layout that allows for a cleaner look and feel.

Users can now choose whether to add a hotel to their list of “Recommended” hotels, or simply check a hotel out for free.

You can also filter by price or number of nights, and a “No Refund” option is now available.

This new look is also something we’ll be covering more in-depth as we continue our hotel coverage.

We’re excited to have the app up and running for everyone and we hope you find it helpful.

If there’s anything you want to share with us about the new search functionality, let us know in the comments below.

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