How to buy Disney hotel in India: ‘It’s not for you to look for’

The hotel and resort chain that owns and operates the Disney hotel and resorts in the Philippines is not the first to be caught out selling tickets for the popular Disney theme park attraction.

But now, it has been caught selling them online.

On Monday, the Philippine National Police (PNP) arrested a manager at a hotel chain, which has been named as “Hotel Transylvana”, in a probe into the alleged sale of tickets for The Haunted Mansion, which is located in Disney’s Manila theme park.

Police said that the manager, who is also the owner of the hotel, sold the tickets online.

The police said that they had received a complaint from a hotel employee in the hotel chain who was also the manager of the company.

“Based on the complaint, police raided the hotel and found a total of 3,500 tickets for this attraction, including some which were sold online,” said Deputy Director of Police, Nabiul Hernang, in a statement.

“The hotel is cooperating with the investigation and will be charged with the violation of the law.”

The police also added that they will hold the hotel responsible for any “unjustifiable” acts of ticket sales and have issued an order for the hotel to “provide an immediate apology to the family of the employee involved.”

The Philippines is one of the world’s biggest hotel chains and operates two of the largest theme parks in the world, Walt Disney World and Epcot.

The hotel chain has been criticized by critics for its handling of the resort’s sale of ticketed tickets, with a series of reviews describing it as “disgusting”.

The resort said in a tweet on Monday that it was “shocked and saddened” by the news.