How to spend a summer day at a mega-hotel in Clearwater

It’s a perfect storm of weather for a weekend getaway in Clearwaters.

The sun is hot, the air is crisp, and the ocean is clear.

The hotel is open until 7 a.m., and it’s located right off the beach, just a few blocks from the ocean.

So what makes this hotel so special?

For one, it’s the only one in the area that has been certified as a luxury resort, the highest level of designation, which is reserved for the most expensive resorts.

As such, it earns its status by being among the most luxurious resorts in the country.

So for the average person, this is a must-do trip.

There are many reasons to visit this hotel, but for a more laidback type of person, the best thing to do would be to relax and enjoy the beach.

Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy this beachfront resort.

The Best Beachfront Resort in Clear Water For one thing, this hotel is located in a prime location near a major oceanfront, so it’s easy to navigate.

Just a few miles from the beaches of Clearwater, this resort has a wide selection of oceanfront shops, restaurants, and other amenities that will make the perfect weekend getaways.

For a little more adventure, you could head to the oceanfront hotel’s beachfront bar, which offers a great view of the ocean and offers free wifi.

There’s also a popular spot that serves drinks and bites.

There is a large swimming pool, and a sand volleyball court makes it a great spot for those with a big game.

If you want to enjoy some great food, you can head over to the dining room to grab a sandwich and a drink while you watch the waves.

The pool is also perfect for swimming.

For those with allergies, you might want to head over for a spa treatment.

There, you’ll be treated to a full body massage and get to know your spa care team before they take you out for a swim.

For kids, this location is great for activities like bowling and golf, or the beach volleyball is a great way to take the kids out for some fun.

For the casual traveler, there are plenty of great restaurants and shops in Clear Waters, so you could easily walk through town or hit the beach to grab something from the local restaurants.

There isn’t much more to Clear Waters than a beach and a pool, so we highly recommend visiting this resort on a weekend.

If the beach doesn’t appeal to you, then there are also plenty of other beachfront hotels in Clear Bay and Clearwater.

We’ve reviewed many of these hotels, and we think they are some fun and affordable options to explore the Clearwater area.

For more info about the hotel in Clear water, check out the hotel’s website or the hotel website.

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