The best hotels in China for staying in 2018

The best hotel characters in China have returned to the spotlight, with hotels returning to their regular characters for the first time in 2018.

The latest characters from the Mandarin Oriental brand include the New Port Hotel, which returns as a new resort hotel, as well as the Shanghai Hilton, which has returned to its traditional Mandarin Oriental character.

The Shanghai Hilton is a new Mandarin Oriental hotel, located in Shanghai, and is set to open in 2019.

The hotel will feature an expanded food menu, with a new bar offering a wide variety of dishes including Chinese takeout.

The Shanghai Hilton’s Shanghai menu is the same as the original Shanghai hotel’s, but will be a little more adventurous with a menu that includes dishes that include Chinese dishes from the country’s famous street food market known as “Kung Fu”.

The menu will feature dishes from restaurants such as Sichuan, Shanghai’s famous fried chicken market, as they are a staple in the city.

The New Port hotel, which will be renamed as the New China Hotel, will feature a Chinese take-out menu that will feature items such as noodle dishes and traditional Chinese food.

The restaurant will also feature a range of Chinese wines, including the brand new New Hong Kong wine that will be released in 2019 and will be available at the New Hong Kui restaurant.

The hotels will also include an additional hotel lounge.

The Shenzhen Hilton, also known as the Shangri-La Hotel, was originally a brand new hotel built in 2017.

It opened in 2020 as a luxury hotel that is set for opening in 2020.

This hotel is set in the Shenzhen suburb of Shenzhen, and features a wide range of luxury amenities.

The luxury suite features a full kitchen and will offer a range the best in Chinese cuisine, including a chef’s kitchen, a spa and a fitness center.

The Shangri in Shenzhen is an iconic landmark for Hong Kong, and the hotel is expected to open its doors in 2019, as part of the Hong Kong International Tourism Organization (HKITO) in partnership with the Shenhua Group.

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