What you need to know about the Walt Disney World Hotel Galvez

Disney World Resort officials have revealed that the next Disney World hotel will be built in Galvez, Texas, where a new resort is being built.

The next Disney Hotel Galvese is scheduled to open in 2019.

The official website for the hotel is now up, and the official name of the hotel will still be the Disney Hotel and Resorts Galvez.

It is unclear whether the name change will also include the hotel’s name.

Galvez will be the third new Disney Hotel to open at Walt Disney Resort in the past four years.

A new hotel opened in 2016 in Mexico City, but the building was later torn down.

Disney’s hotel and resort empire now has about 1,000 hotels and about 60 resorts across 40 states and Canada.

Disney World has more than 2.5 million guests annually and employs about 5,500 people.

The company recently announced that it will not open a new hotel for the 2018 holiday season, but it is still planning to open a hotel in Mexico in 2019 and plans to open another in 2019 at its new resort in Alaska.