When to buy a vacation: What to know about hotels, condos, and other property types

The holidays can be a busy time of year for hotels, and with that comes a surge in holiday sales.

In fact, the holiday season is expected to be the second-biggest annual growth driver for hotel sales in the U.S., according to the Holiday Resorts Association, which is an industry trade group.

It estimates that holiday sales will be up 7.4% to $1.2 trillion over the next 10 years, while the economy will expand by 2.4%.

That growth could be driven by a new generation of hotels that offer longer stays.

The new generation has more amenities and can be used by guests with a wide range of needs, such as people who want to be close to nature, or people who prefer a hotel room with a view.

The growth of these hotels has already been fueled by the popularity of holiday parties, where people gather for food, drinks and entertainment, and are able to take advantage of many of the amenities available to the rest of the hotel industry.

However, holiday-related spending is only expected to continue to grow as hotels continue to offer new experiences.

While holiday spending has increased, holiday guests have mostly stayed home, staying away from the tourist attractions of California, Nevada and New Mexico, according to data from the National Association of Hotel Agents and Brokers.

For example, the average stay at a Holiday Inn in California was just over two weeks, while a typical stay at an Airbnb in Las Vegas was only one week.

Holiday sales are expected to grow even more during the year.

But holiday-specific hotel spending isn’t the only thing to watch for during the holidays.

The holiday season also has the potential to hurt hotel stock prices.

There are a lot of factors to consider when looking at holiday spending.

For starters, the hotel market is experiencing a lot more volatility than the broader economy.

It’s been hard to predict how much volatility there will be for holiday spending, especially given the huge number of hotels operating during the holiday period.

Additionally, the industry has been hit by a series of bankruptcies, which means that hotel companies have lost money in the past.

Holiday-related hotel losses can also be compounded by the fact that holiday spending often involves more of a luxury category of hotel rooms, with amenities that are only available for guests who can afford them.

For some holiday visitors, it can be hard to find the right hotel for their needs, and they can be surprised when the room isn’t up to snuff.

The best way to stay ahead of the curve is to shop around for a hotel during the season, said Michael P. Sivak, president of hotel services at PricewaterhouseCoopers, a consulting firm.

“There’s a lot going on around the holiday, so it makes sense to get a feel for where you are going to be, what’s available and what you’re not going to like,” he said.

But in addition to trying to keep an eye on holiday spending trends, hotelier agents are also looking for ways to boost sales and increase the hotelier’s profit margins.

They’re also looking to capitalize on the holiday by offering discounts and special offers.

For instance, one of the best ways to get around the holidays and keep customers coming back to your hotels is by offering discount or discount-only deals.

For this reason, some hotelier companies have begun offering discount promotions on their properties, including the $50 off-site check-in and $50 hotel check-out, and offering discounted rates on dining, entertainment and travel options.

The other way to increase sales during the busy holiday season could be to create a better customer experience during the hotel’s holiday shopping period.

The company that will be most likely to do that is The Walt Disney Co., which is expanding its holiday shopping program.

During the holiday shopping season, guests can shop on its websites, mobile apps and social media accounts, and The Walt D. Disney Co. will give guests the opportunity to get the most out of their holiday experiences.

The Disney Parks, which are owned by Walt Disney World, will also offer discounts on merchandise, entertainment, gifts and other special events.

As the company continues to expand its holiday offerings, it may also continue to leverage its holiday-themed products to drive sales.

For the next few months, the company will also be working on the new Disney Parks app, which will be available on iOS and Android devices.

In addition, the Walt Disney Travel Group is making plans to launch its new loyalty program, Disney Rewards, during the first half of 2018.

The Rewards program, which offers discounts on some Disney Resort merchandise, will be launched in the spring and will be offered through select partners and will launch with more than 30,000 participating partners.

The rewards program, however, is still in its early stages, and its launch could be delayed.

While The Walt Disneyland Resort is working