When you need a hotel that’s cheaper than the average, Clearwater Beach Resort has you covered

The Clearwater Resort Hotel chain has announced a new price guide for its hotels, with the option to book for less than $250 per night.

The new list, which has been updated to include a range of hotels in the area, is available in its latest quarterly report to investors, and it’s the first time Clearwater has released a hotel price guide.

The hotel chain is known for being a fairly progressive hotel operator, and the new list will likely be viewed as the latest step in that direction.

The company also released a number of new properties recently, including the new The Beach at Disney World Resort, and more recently announced a deal to build a luxury resort hotel in the Orlando area.

The Clearwater hotel chain has been criticized in the past for its poor record of staying at its resorts, especially with the ongoing water crisis in the region.

Its hotels have often been plagued by low occupancy rates, poor service, and underwhelming hotel reviews.

As of the end of March, Clearwaters hotels were still down from their highs, and a year ago, the chain was also in the red when it came to customer satisfaction.

Despite the hotel chain’s woes, its new hotel price list is an interesting one.

Its new hotels, in particular, are now offering the most affordable options, and they’re also a lot more accessible than they were in the previous year.

The list will be available for purchase in its quarterly report, and for anyone looking for an alternative hotel option in the Clearwater area, you can do so now.

The resort chain also released another list of hotel properties, including a luxury hotel in Orlando, and plans to open a hotel at Disney Springs in the near future.