When you want a truly luxurious resort hotel, you can get one with the best amenities on the island

When you’re in Sanibel Island, there are a few things that make choosing a Sanibel hotel easy.

There are the options to enjoy the beach, get a great view, and enjoy your stay.

The most popular option is to stay in the most luxurious hotel on the islands, a choice that includes luxury rooms, swimming pools, and restaurants.

There’s also the option to stay at the nearby hotel, the Choice Hotel, which offers suites and a private beach front.

For guests looking for the best option, Sanibel offers a choice of four main resorts, each offering different accommodations, and a mix of other amenities such as a full-service gym, tennis courts, and sauna.

Here are a couple of Sanibel hotels we found that can offer you the most luxury and the best value in the area.