Why some hotels are selling their properties for less than the cost of a room in Miami Beach

When your vacation is on the horizon, it’s hard to find a place that doesn’t sell out.

It’s a problem that has made some hotels desperate to sell.

In the last year, two major hotel chains have experienced an unprecedented drop in bookings as they scramble to make room for the rising cost of staying at their properties.

In February, Marriott and Hilton dropped their hotel reservations for this summer.

And at the same time, other big-name hotel chains are also scrambling to sell properties, according to The Associated Press.

The AP found that many hotel chains, like the Hyatt, have cut the prices they offer to hotel guests for the duration of their stay.

But in some cases, those changes aren’t enough to offset the significant savings from lower prices for those staying at the properties.

That’s what’s happened to the Miami Beach Hilton.

The hotel chain announced last week that it’s no longer offering rooms at the resort to its guests, and is lowering its rates.

For example, guests who paid the full price of $4,958 will see a 3.4% savings on their room rate.

The Hilton also is reducing the price it offers to those staying in suites.

That means that a single night at the Hilton Beach Resort in the resort can now cost $849, or less than half of what it used to.

“We want to make sure our guests are getting the best value,” said John C. Stiles, the hotel’s president and CEO.

He added that the resort is working to improve the hotel experience.

Hilton’s rate cut has affected some guests, including one woman who spent $9,500 at the hotel, and who had to move into a new apartment in South Beach.

Hilton said it’s aware of the issue and is working with hotel guests to improve their stay experience.

It said the changes are the result of an ongoing review of the hotel business, which it said will include discussions with hotel industry partners.

In a statement, the company said it is “actively engaging with the community to make hotel rooming and bedding services more affordable and to make adjustments to hotel room pricing as needed.”

The company said that it is committed to working with guests to make its properties more accessible, comfortable and convenient for guests.

The Associated Public Affairs Bureau contributed to this report.