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In a place where the weather can be as hot as a hot dog, and the water as cold as a bone, you might not want to venture into the city limits without a plan.

But, the fact is, the only thing worse than staying at a resort hotel in summer is spending the winter in the desert, according to our readers.

The city is always looking for ways to expand, and Newport Beach is one of those places.

So, if you’re in the mood for some more adventure, you can go to one of Newport Beach’s more popular destinations, The Shiner.

It’s a popular destination that can offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and it also offers a lot of great amenities, according the hotel’s website.

The hotel boasts of its location on the coast and is located near one of the best fishing areas in the state, a popular spot for boating.

It’s also just a short drive from the coast, with plenty of public transportation and a shopping district, too.

If you’re into the beach and want to spend some time with family and friends, then you should consider The Shimmer.

It may seem like a weird choice to take a vacation at a hotel in a city where people dress up in black, but it makes sense, according our readers: Newport Beach doesn’t really have a large African American population, but if you can fit it in there, then it’s the perfect place for a few days.

The Shiner is located on the Newport Beach Boardwalk and the beach is a popular location for those wanting to unwind.

But if you want to see some sun and enjoy some relaxing in the sun, then The Shiners is the perfect spot.

It was one of our favorite beaches to visit this year.

We were able to take some great pictures of Newport’s beaches and it was a relaxing and relaxing trip.

It was also a great way to connect with family, friends and coworkers.

The beach has a nice mix of beach and water.

The surf is amazing.

You can do everything from surfing to kayaking and there’s plenty of room to do all of those things.

We also loved the staff here.

They were so friendly and helpful.

They took care of us from start to finish, including setting us up with a nice beach towel.

I loved seeing how much they loved our pets.

They also had a great restaurant that served food, and it’s definitely worth the trip.

We definitely recommend the food.