AHS Hospital: Broadmoor Hotel Characters (5)

Posted October 08, 2018 12:30:30AHS Hospital has an entire section dedicated to the Broadmower Hotel.

It’s a fun way to explore the hotel, especially when you’ve never seen one before.

There’s a bunch of them, but if you’re curious you can read them all on Reddit.1.

The main story, where a lot of characters come together1.

Aisha, the doctor who’s here for Aisha’s emergency.2.

Aaliyah, the nurse who’s there to keep Anya calm.3.

Aya, the woman who’s waiting for her brother to come home.4.

Aislynn, the one-legged guy who runs the bar.5.

The barkeep.6.

The nurse who comes by to take care of the sick man.7.

The bouncer.8.

The staff at the reception desk.9.

The bartender.10.

The receptionist.11.

The two nurses.12.

The manager.13.

The security guard.14.

The driver.15.

The carpenter.16.

The doctor who runs AHS.17.

A medical student.18.

A patient.19.

A family member.20.

The police.21.

A housekeeper.22.

A customer.23.

A bartender.24.

A doctor.25.

A receptionist assistant.26.

The guy with the keys.27.

The girl.28.

A carpenter shopkeeper.29.

A girl.30.

A man.31.

A woman.32.

A nurse.33.

A delivery guy.34.

The woman.35.

A kid.36.

The dog.37.

A waitress.38.

A waiter.39.

A lady.40.

A barkeep and the delivery guy, who’s a bit creepy.41.

A lot of the regulars.42.

A guy in a wheelchair.43.

A couple.44.

The girls.45.

A little girl who looks like she might be a doctor.46.

A boy.47.

A teacher.48.

A bunch of girls who look like they might be doctors.49.

A big guy with a big ass.50.

A crazy old lady.51.

A weird man in a suit.52.

A nice young girl.53.

A sexy older guy.54.

A creepy older guy in an outfit.55.

A pretty young girl in a dress.56.

A hot guy in his 40s.57.

A young boy in his 20s.58.

A cool older guy with big tits.59.

A cute old lady with big boobs.60.

A strange old lady in a black robe.61.

A skinny young girl with a small ass.62.

A tall, skinny girl with big ass and big tits, with a weird outfit.63.

A short, skinny boy with a short ass.64.

A very cute girl.65.

A fat older woman in a sexy black dress.66.

A long, skinny man with big breasts.67.

A beautiful young girl who wears a short skirt.68.

A huge ass man in his 80s.69.

A great old lady who has a big butt.70.

A lovely young woman in her 40s with big boobies.71.

A super-sized woman in black and white.72.

A really pretty young man with a long nose and big eyes.73.

A blonde-haired lady in her 20s who looks just like Aisha.74.

A dark-haired girl in her 30s who wears glasses.75.

A gorgeous young girl whose face is covered by a black cloak.76.

A tiny little girl in black.77.

A small old lady dressed in her 60s.78.

A giant, fat old man in her 50s.79.

A stunning, skinny, cute girl who has big tits and a big, round ass.80.

A handsome young man in the early 60s, dressed in a long, white coat.81.

A thin old lady, who looks a lot like Aislyn, in a white coat and long, dark hair.82.

A charming little girl, who has beautiful tits and big round ass and a cute nose.83.

A sweet little girl.84.

A good old lady wearing a short, black dress and black gloves.85.

A petite, pretty little girl dressed in black with long, black hair.86.

A friendly, happy old lady to see and talk to.87.

A cheerful old lady and a shy, timid old man.88.

A smiling old man, dressed as a nurse.89.

A happy, loving old lady walking by the bar with her friends.90.

A mysterious old woman.91.

A shy, loving woman in the middle of nowhere.92. A old

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