‘Hotel’ to open in Dubai hotel chain’s first outlet in UAE

The Dubai hotel company said Wednesday it will open a new hotel in Dubai’s new city center, a landmark in the Middle East.

The hotel, named Hotel Al Muhajirah, will be named after the Emirati prince who is the first ruler of the emirate, according to Dubai-based hotel chain Hotels Dubai.

The company said the new hotel will open in December 2020 and be the third in Dubai.

The new hotel, which is to open the same year, will provide guest rooms for a maximum of 60 people, said Dubai’s hotel and restaurant chain Hotel Arabia.

Hotel AlMuhajiriah is one of several hotels planned by Dubai’s Crown Resorts.

It will be the first hotel in the world to be built from scratch, the Dubai News Agency reported.

The first Dubai hotel was built in the mid-1950s in the old capital’s Old City, and the Crown Resort also owns the Dubai Marriott.

The new hotel is being developed by Dubai-headquartered Crown Resolutions.