How to hunt a crocodile with a chainsaw

When it comes to crocodiles, you have to be careful what you eat.

But one local hunter has found a way to catch a crocodilian without any chainsaw.

The man, who goes by the name of “Tyrannical” in the YouTube video, is a former fisherman who is now living in a retirement home in Tasmania.

He says he can’t get crocodiles to go out in the wild, so he makes do with the traditional methods.

But the method has its problems, like catching the crocodile in its mouth and holding it down in a cage.

Tyrantical says he has caught several crocodiles using his chainsaw and his family has used them for years to catch fish.

He has also been known to catch the animal with a net and then release it into the wild to hunt.

The chainsaw used in this video is a 4-foot long metal bar that is about the size of a handkerchief.

It’s attached to a heavy-duty chain that hangs from a tree.

A crocodile uses its claws to pry up a bar attached to the tree, as Tyrantical pulls the snake into the trap.

The chain attached to Tyranticals chainsaw is made from a heavy metal bar.

The crocodile pulls the bar up.

The chainsaw’s chain can be seen dangling from a branch.

The croc uses its feet to pierce the bar and then grabs the bar.

As the crocodiles feet pierce through the bar, it grabs it and begins to pull it out of the trap as it is being pulled.

The bar is released from the trap, as the crocodilian releases the chain and takes off running.

He said crocodiles have evolved to survive in the deep water, so his traps are designed to catch them.

Tyrantial says he had been using chainsaws for many years but was not sure if they were suitable for crocodiles.

“I’ve got to get my hands on a big hammer, which is a heavy one, a hammer that’s over six feet long, a big chain, and then I’ll use the chainsaw to pull the croc down into the water,” Tyrantically said.

We don’t have any real tools that work for us, so I have to do it by hand.

It takes quite a bit of energy to use a chainsaws and a hammer to pull a crocodil down into a deep water trap.

Tyrants catch crocodiles by using a chainssaw attached to his chains.

Tyranicals chainsaws are designed for a crocodiling and he can hold them in one hand while pulling the crocodil by the chain.

He said it was very difficult to hold the chainsaws in one fist because of the weight of the chains.

When he is done, Tyrantcials chainsaws come free of the crocodiling’s body.

The end of the chain is attached to an old wooden box, which he said was used to store fish.

It is important to note that the crocodilias claws can be very sharp.

It took him a long time to learn to hold them securely.