How to save your honeymoon hotel by renting an Airbnb host

What’s the best way to save a honeymoon, if you’re a host?

Hosts often take a different approach, according to a recent study from Airbnb and TripAdvisor.

A survey conducted by TripAdvisors and Airbnb showed that almost half of Airbnb hosts don’t book their rooms in the first year.

But they’re less likely to be renting them out than those who use traditional hotel rooms.

Instead, they’re renting out their properties on Airbnb and other sites.

Here’s what they mean.


Don’t buy your honeymoons.

“It’s pretty obvious you’re not going to have a great honeymoon,” said Michael Kocher, a real estate agent in Austin, Texas.

He said that in most cases, honeymoon guests will just end up in the hotel after a few days, and then it’s a matter of finding an alternative location to stay.


Use Airbnb.

Hosts say the easiest way to get a honeymooon hotel is to use Airbnb.

Airbnb has a suite of features that make it easy to book rooms in your home, and they’re often more affordable than hotels.

They can even allow guests to rent out their apartments or homes to guests.

Airbnb hosts often offer free laundry service, so it’s less expensive than hotels, and it lets guests stay in their own rooms.

But it’s also more difficult to book than hotels because it’s typically more expensive to do so.

Airbnb also offers more flexible room policies, so you can choose your room for the season and then move in with the next person.


Book a suite, not a room.

Host Kocer said he’s noticed that more than half of the people he has booked rooms for have chosen to book a suite rather than a room, as many prefer to stay in a hotel.

“I’ve actually found that it’s actually easier to book your hotel and get your room,” he said.

“So, if there’s no room available, you can just book a room.”


Book your rooms at least three months in advance.

Some people find it easier to stay longer in a honeymarket room, where they can check out before the big move.

If you plan to stay for more than three months, consider getting a room with a kitchen and bathroom, which you can then use as a bed for a night.

“If you have a bed that you can move in and sleep in for three months after your honeycamp, it’s much more flexible than if you can only sleep in a room that you’ve booked,” Kocers said.

If a hotel offers an in-room shower, do it.

Host Andrew Dyer, a broker at Kocber Group in San Diego, California, said it’s possible to rent a shower at your honeycoast home, but you’ll have to be more flexible with how you use it.

You’ll have less control over the temperature.

“The downside of showering in a bed is you’re basically going to be doing a lot of work with the heat,” Dyer said.

You also might need to buy a separate tub, which can be expensive.

“You might be going to the grocery store, so what do you do?”

Dyer added.


Check out the rooms.

You can check Airbnb and host profiles to see what rooms are available and what amenities they offer.

If they don’t have any rooms available, it could be because they’re using a suite.

“There are definitely a lot more rooms available on Airbnb,” Kucher said.

Host Dan Dominguez of St. Johns County, Florida, said he booked a suite with the help of Airbnb.

“One of the first things that I did was book a hotel room,” Domingez said.

He rented out his bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom, so he could take his family to a nearby Disney World.

“When I’m in the area, I try to have dinner, which I usually eat in a couple of restaurants in the vicinity of the property,” he added.


Consider your room size.

Some hosts like to book their hotel rooms in a large room with all the amenities, but other hosts like a room smaller than the size of a typical suite.

This might work for a short honeymoon in your backyard.

But Domingue said this type of accommodation can get pricey in the long run.

“This can make you a lot sicker because you’re going to feel like you’re constantly dehydrated and you’ll need to drink a lot,” he explained.


Find a pool.

Many honeymooneers rent out pools for the duration of their honeymoon.

“For me, the most common pool I’ve found is a couple feet off the beach,” Dering said.

Guests can use the pool for play and socializing and take showers at the end of the night.

If there’s a pool nearby, “it’s very important that you stay away from the water,” D