How to watch the Super Bowl live online from a hotel room in Australia

We know this might be the most unlikely way to watch a football game in Australia, but here’s how to watch it live from your hotel room.


Head over to a TV, set your device to stream live, and then choose your favourite sport.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is a huge sponsor of football, and the game is played on Saturday, the same day as the World Cup.

There are some exceptions to this rule, like the Rugby League World Cup, and this will be one of those exceptions.

You’ll also need to set your television to stream on demand and to automatically change channels to suit.

If you’re not using a TV or tablet, the broadcaster will do the rest.

Once you’ve done that, go to the sports page of the ABA’s website and set your sport to ABC Sport.


You should see the live feed.

This is where the magic happens.

You will need to enter your country of birth and the name of the broadcaster you want to watch.

This will then tell you which channel you’re watching on.

You can then pick the broadcaster that you want and enter that name and the code in the box at the bottom of the page.

If there’s not an ABA channel listed for your country, try searching for “Australian Broadcasting Corporation”.

If you can’t find one, there are plenty of other broadcasters available in the UK, France, and Germany, so if you want, you can set it up manually.

You won’t see anything until the next screen, but it’s worth doing.

The last screen tells you if you’re on the correct channel, and if so, whether or not you’re in Australia.


Pick your broadcaster and the codes.

This screen will tell you the channels and channels to watch on your choice of broadcaster.

Here you can pick the channels you want: ABC Sport is usually the first to air in Australia if you don’t want to switch over to the US broadcaster, but you’ll also find some channels you can switch to ABC2 if you can afford it.

The ABA has the rights to air the World Series, but these days they’re more likely to air a couple of games a year instead.

ABC2 will also broadcast the Olympics, and you’ll need to have an Aussie passport to watch them.

If your country doesn’t have a live feed available, you’ll have to use the channels listed below.

ABC Sports Australia is available from select networks in the US and the UK.

Channel One in the Netherlands has a similar arrangement with A&P.

ABC Sport 1 is available on Foxtel.

Channel 3 in Australia is the Channel Nine channel, available from most providers in the country.

Channel 4 in New Zealand is also available from Foxtele.

Channel 5 in South Africa is available through Foxtv.

Channel 6 in Australia and New Zealand has been available on Channel 7 since 2014.

Channel 7 in the United Kingdom is the BBC One channel.

It will also have an ABC Sport channel.

You might have to make an appointment to catch the game.

Channel 8 in the U.K. is available by satellite from Sky.

Channel 9 in New South Wales and Victoria is available via Foxtop.

Channel 10 in Victoria is also on FoxTV.

Channel 11 in Tasmania is available over the air.

Channel 12 in Western Australia has a different broadcast system than Australia’s two.

Channel 13 in Victoria has a slightly different broadcast scheme, but is available in some regional areas.

Channel 14 in New England is available for local broadcasting by satellite.

Channel 15 in New Hampshire is available exclusively by satellite in the eastern part of the state.

Channel 16 in New Jersey is available only by satellite by Sky. 

Channel 17 in New York City is available as part of an ABC TV-VOD subscription service. 

Channel 18 in Australia has been the only channel that hasn’t been broadcast live by Aussie channels in the past, but Channel 17 is the only one currently available.

Channel 19 in the Americas is currently on the air in the Philippines, and it’s also available on some channels. 

 Channel 20 in Australia isn’t available by airwaves, so you’ll be watching on your device.

Channel 21 in the Caribbean is available free over-the-air on satellite. 

It’s also the only way to access ABC Sport’s channel 24 on mobile devices. 

Aussie networks Channel 1, 2, and 3 are available on demand.

Channel 2 is a regional channel available from Australia’s most remote areas, while Channel 3 is available nationwide. 

The ABC’s regional channel Channel 4 is available in a handful of areas, including the Northern Territory, New South Guinea, Papua New Guinea, and Western Australia.

Channel 45 is not available in any of these areas, but there are regional channels available in other parts of Australia. 

Some channels are available from the Aussie Broadcasting Corporation, or as a free service.

Some are available through

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