When do you go to a beach hotel?

Long Beach hotel Las Vegas is famous for its beaches and casinos, and now the resort is gearing up to offer guests a similar experience with a brand new hotel in Long Beach.

The Long Beach Hotel has been designed to be the first in a line of new Long Beach hotels designed to offer a premium, luxurious experience.

The new hotel is located in the former MGM Grand hotel complex, a former movie theater and parking lot that is being converted into a new luxury hotel.

The property includes a 5,500 square foot resort-style hotel, restaurant and a spa.

It’s a unique and upscale environment, said the hotel’s architect, Tom Selleck.

The hotel is a luxury hotel designed to maximize the amenities of the surrounding area.

It is a hotel that has a spa and a private outdoor pool, a state-of-the-art fitness center and a high-end spa and wellness center with its own, private kitchen.

This hotel has everything you need for a luxury experience, Sellek said.

Selleck has designed and built more than 20 luxury hotels in the U.S. and around the world, including the Hilton Garden Inn, the Sheraton Pacific in the Dominican Republic, and the Sherpa Inn in New Zealand.

The new Long Beaches hotel is Selleks first luxury hotel in the area.

The luxury hotel is also expected to be open to the public in the spring of 2021.

The hotel is expected to offer an array of dining options including a steakhouse, a bar and a seafood restaurant.

Sellecks new hotel also has an elevator and elevator access for guests.

The Las Vegas hotel, which is designed to provide a premium experience in an upscale setting, will be the newest luxury hotel to be designed by Sellecs architects.

The hotels amenities will include:* A high-speed elevator* An exclusive restaurant and spa with private kitchen* A state- of-the art fitness center* An outdoor pool and spa for the entire family* A 5,000 square foot private outdoor deck* A large rooftop pool* An extensive spa and spa lobbyThe hotel will be a first in the long-range development of the hotel, according to Sellecks website.

The project is a collaboration between MGM Grand and MGM Resorts.

MGM Grand owns and operates MGM Grand, the Las Vegas Strip and MGM Grand.

MGM Resolves owns and manages MGM Residences, the Los Angeles Residences and the Los Angles Residences.

MGM’s headquarters is in MGM Grand’s Downtown Los Angeles building, and MGM’s hotels are in MGM Residence Row, MGM Grand Residences Row and the MGM Grand at Caesars Palace.