When it rains, so does the hotel industry

When the weather is bad, hotels can become a financial drain.

That’s the theory at the Santa Fe hotel, the first major American hotel in South America to open on the New Year’s Eve.

And, in a bid to help its staff cope with the change, the hotel is offering them discounts on its regular rates.

The company, which has had a long history of supporting local businesses and helping to build its reputation as a destination for tourists, is hoping to lure a new generation of visitors to the country.

“We’re trying to help these people to find a place where they can come, have a fun night and not have to worry about it,” said Stephen R. Marder, president and chief executive officer of the hotel chain.

“That’s the big appeal of this place, that you can go and have a good time, and have some fun.”

The company will also offer a special rate of about $40 per person per night to anyone staying at the hotel at any time during the week and $100 per person on the weekend.

The discount is valid for stays up to 30 days and includes complimentary meals.

The hotel will also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Discover Blue cards.

“This is a really special way to celebrate New Year in South American and beyond,” Mardar said.

“We’re really excited about what this new business model has done for Santa Fe.”

The hotel is the first to offer a discount rate on the standard rate on New Year, which is currently $90 per person.

That rate includes a two-night minimum stay at the venue.

“It’s a really good value for our guests,” said Michelle Carreiro, the general manager of the Santa Falta Hotel in Costa Rica.

“They can go to the hotel for $20 per person and save $20.”

The discount rates will be available for stays of up to two nights at the new Santa Fe.

“This is just a really, really good idea,” Marde said.

The new rate is in addition to the usual rate of $60 per person for the week, plus $20 for a complimentary drink.

A portion of the money from the rate will go to a charity, according to Mardor.

The hotel will donate 10 percent of the proceeds from the event to the Sierra Club of New Mexico.

The new rate comes as the hotel has experienced unprecedented demand for rooms.

The Santa Fe is the biggest hotel in the country, and Mardan is looking to cater to more of the local population.

“Our goal is to be a community hotel, and we really want to be able to offer our guests something they can really enjoy,” Mardi said.

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