Which hotels in Croatia should you book in 2019?

Hotels in Croatia have been the subject of much speculation over the past few months as more and more travellers from other countries begin to arrive in Croatia.

However, it appears that the most popular hotels in the country, which are usually based on the island of Bor, will be getting some major changes over the coming months. 

Hotel reservations in Croatia are expected to be suspended in 2019, as the country’s government announces the closure of all hotels and other tourist facilities in the capital, Zagreb.

The reason for this change is that the state of Croatia is struggling to meet its budget deficit, according to Croatian news outlet Zagrebo, which is also citing tourism industry experts.

Hotel booking sites are expected not to operate in Croatia until 2019, but instead to only accept reservations for the 2019/20 season.

This means that some of the most iconic Croatian destinations will be no longer accessible to tourists, such as Bora Bora and its resort-style hotels.

Hotels in Zagražica, the most expensive part of Croatia, are expected only to open on the first business day of the next calendar year, which means that hotel reservations will not be accepted until December. 

“The budget deficit of Croatia in 2019 is going to be a lot bigger than the one in 2019 because of the financial crisis,” said Zagrbo journalist Jovan Lajcava.

“The economy is not sustainable.

We have to find a way to solve the problems of our country.

We are not going to give up.”

Hotels are expected also to have a significant reduction in the number of rooms available.

As a result, hotels are likely to have fewer people staying at them, and it is expected that a substantial number of travellers will be leaving Croatia in the coming years. 

The changes to the hotel industry in Croatia will take place in 2019 and there are expected a number of reasons why this will be the case. 

In particular, there are fears that the tourist industry in the region is at a critical point.

This is partly due to the financial difficulties that have hit the Croatian economy in recent years, but also because of a large number of tourists leaving the country.

“There are already a lot of travellers who are leaving Croatia,” Zagarbo journalist Mijic Kukic told the Croatian news site Aftonbladet.

“We will have to prepare for the worst, we will have some hotels that will close.”

Hotel occupancy is expected to drop from around 100% in 2019 to around 70% in 2020, with most hotels expected to stay open for at least a year. 

Although there is no official information available yet, it is likely that the hotels will close down and that most of the hotels that have been booked for 2019/2020 will be shut down by that time.

Hotlinking the tourism industry is one of the main ways that Croatia can support its economy, with the tourism sector accounting for around 2% of GDP.

This makes Croatia a highly-valuable place to visit, but it is unlikely that Croatia will be able to attract more tourists to the country as a whole in the next few years.

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