Analisa’s best of Kerala hotels

Analissa’s Best of Kerala Hotels in Kerala article Anil and Anisha are looking for the perfect Kerala hotel in their new home.

They are looking at the stunning Marathi Hotel in Chennai, Kerala, where they can sleep in their hotel rooms.

The couple said that they had booked the Marathi in May 2017, but had not booked in the city since then.

They were excited to have their first hotel in Kerala.

They had booked this hotel in January 2018 but the room was booked soon after.

“We have booked this room in Marathi because it is very convenient and the rooms are spacious and clean.

The room is also close to the Kalyan railway station, where the trains run,” Anil said.

The hotel has four rooms with two bed spaces.

The amenities are very nice.

The rooms have separate bathroom and showers, with electricity and hot water.

“Our maid is very sweet.

She comes to the hotel every day.

She cleans the rooms and cooks the meals,” Anila said.

They have a two-year-old daughter and a son who lives with them.

Anil added that they are looking forward to living in Kerala for the first time in three years.

They plan to have a hotel in Marathwada in the near future.