California: Vacation Rentals for the Big Apple: Orange Beach Hotels vs. Vegas Hotels

By Laura KrantzAssociated PressThe average vacation rental in the Golden State is $2,000, but there are plenty of options to keep the family entertained.

Here are some of the most popular hotels in the state.

Orange BeachHotelsThe Orange Beach Hotel has become a hot spot for families seeking vacation accommodations in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Located on the scenic beach at Sunset Point, it has three main levels and an upper level that overlooks the ocean.

It also has a pool and spa.

Orange Beach has more than 200 rooms.

The Hotel Orange Beach is owned by the Santa Barbara County Historical Society, which manages the hotel.

The hotel is a prime location for picnics, picnicking and family reunions.

VegasHotelsVegans will enjoy the luxurious luxury of the resort’s luxury hotels.

The Golden State has a large number of luxury hotels to choose from.

The Hotel Atlantic Beach and the Beach at Sunset are popular with vacationers.

There is also the Atlantic Beach at Sunrise which has a beach house.

VegaHotelsOne of the more popular vacation destinations for those looking to stay at the beach, Vega offers a number of different vacation packages.

Located near the ocean at Point Reyes, it is known for its spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean and ocean waves.

The resort is the third most popular for families and is considered a must-see vacation spot.

It has a number in the hundreds of rooms.

Voyageer’s ChoiceVoyager’s Choice is the fourth-most popular destination for families in the West, according to a survey conducted by TripAdvisor.

It offers two pools, a spa, restaurants, bars and entertainment.

The hotel is owned and operated by The Santa Barbara Hotel Group.

It has a guestbook available to book reservations for its guests, and reservations can be made by phone.

The Santa Barons are located on the west side of Santa Barbara.

Villas VacationsVillas is located in the Santa Baron area in the resort of Santa Barón.

It is located on a peninsula on the Santa Cruz River, a popular beach in the area, with the beach and Marina Bay resort nearby.

It was developed in 1985, and opened in 1999.

It features a variety of suites and suites with kitchens, private baths, indoor and outdoor pools and tennis courts.

Villas has a total of 3,600 rooms.

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