Disney’s Transylvansa cast faces ‘shocking’ backlash

The cast of Disney’s ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ has been criticised for portraying a gay character.

Key points:Disney’s transylvanian cast, led by transgender actor Josh Hutcherson, was filmed in TransylvaniaThe actor’s character is portrayed as a lesbianThe cast also featured trans actors of colourA Disney spokesperson has apologisedThe cast of the upcoming Disney film ‘Star War: Episode VIII’ was filmed and shot in Translagania, a province in Romania which has recently passed laws allowing people to openly and openly declare their gender identity.

The actors, who were filmed in Romania, were given the nickname ‘Hutcherson’s Force’ due to their genderqueer appearance.

The transgender character, played by Josh Hutchterson, is the lead lead of the film, with the male lead and the female leads supporting him.

Hutchterss family is from Transylvia, a Romanian province which is part of the European Union and has recently legalized same-sex marriage.

A Disney representative has told News.co.nz that they were filming the film in TransLagania in Romania because the local government was considering allowing the promotion of same-gender relationships.

However, the cast members, who had to change their names to conform to the laws, were faced with shock at how they were portrayed.

“We were shocked when we first met with the crew.

The director asked us to write a script in a way that we would all feel comfortable with and that we felt comfortable with, but that didn’t make it easier to find our place in the world,” Josh Hutson told News Breakfast.”

Hutches family said that when the film was filmed, there were “some of the same challenges that we had faced in Romania”.””

They didn’t even know how to read a script until they saw us on the set and they were just blown away.”

Hutches family said that when the film was filmed, there were “some of the same challenges that we had faced in Romania”.

“We are still working through the process of coming out, so we are just kind of trying to understand how that all happened and where we are in our journey.”

“We have to make sure that our voice, our identity is represented and represented accurately and not only in the story but also in the character,” the actor said.

“In our world, it’s been very hard to come out in the past, but now, we have found that the majority of our community is open to our identity and that’s where we’ve come to be more accepted.”

A Disney spokesman said that they would have been more comfortable filming the story in Romania had they been “more careful” about their portrayal of the character.

“While we did not intend to offend anyone, we do believe that TransLagansa has been a welcoming place for trans people and our team was aware of the current law in place in Romania,” they said.

Disney also had the option of filming in the province but opted to not shoot in Translanica because of the difficulty of adapting to the new laws.

“The casting of our cast members for this film was made to accurately portray the characters, who are in the process that are coming out of the closet, so there is no intention to offend any of our fans,” a Disney spokesperson said.

They said that filming was “one of the best things that could have happened for Translagsa” in terms of “creating a more accepting environment for trans and non-binary people”.

“As a trans woman, it is really important for us to tell our stories, to not be afraid to share our truth and our journey,” Josh said.

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