How Trump’s trip to China influenced the Chinese decision to give the President an award

Trump on Thursday will receive the prestigious Chinese Presidential Security Medal, a high-level award that recognizes those who have made significant contributions to security, the White House said.

The medal will be presented to Trump at the invitation of the Chinese government, the senior administration official said.

It is a highly-valuable award, and it recognizes significant contributions by individuals to national security, including to China.

Trump is the first president since President Dwight Eisenhower to receive the award, which was first awarded in 1947 and is given to the nation’s most outstanding security officer.

The medal honors those who in their capacity as security officers have been instrumental in the prevention of crime, public order and public order violations and the preservation of peace and security, as well as for the preservation and protection of national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The ceremony is expected to be held at the state-owned National Chengchi Exhibition and Convention Center in Beijing, according to the White’s office.