New Orleans Saints: ‘We need to be careful’ with new team name

NEW ORLEANS — New Orleans has officially declared its intention to move forward with the development of a new professional football team.

The team’s name was revealed Tuesday in a public hearing before the Louisiana Sports Commission.

The Saints will officially name the team the Pelicans on Thursday when the NBA announces its annual summer league schedule.

The league will announce the team name on Wednesday, with the official announcement at the end of the week.

The move to change the team’s nickname was one of several issues that surfaced during the hearing.

The commission also was interested in discussing how to change how teams are treated by local officials.

Commissioner David Gantt said the process could include public meetings, petitions and other efforts.

He also said that, as with any change in name, the league will evaluate the impact of the name change on the community, including how it is received and the negative impacts it might have on the local economy.

The NFL will play at a new venue in 2019, and the franchise would move to the new facility by 2024.

The team would play at the New Orleans Sports Center.

The Pelicans will play a minimum of 13 games a season, but they would play fewer if a new stadium was constructed.

The franchise would play an average of seven games a year.