Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda is going to be a disaster for the Middle East

It’s a simple formula: Create jobs, build infrastructure, make the U.S. the world’s greatest country.

The Trump administration’s “America First” approach to foreign policy is not only a disaster in the Middle-East, it’s a failure in other ways, too.

Trump is not just trying to put America first, but to make the world great again. 

This is not a question of foreign policy.

This is a question for the entire world, and a question that needs to be answered.

It is a problem for a President who, just two months into his term, has spent the better part of a decade in office making life hell for the people of the Middle Earth. 

There is one important caveat: Trump is a former reality TV star, and his “Make AMERICA Great Again!” mantra is not entirely original. 

Trump first came to national prominence in 2005 with his controversial comments about immigrants and Muslims. 

At the time, many Americans were outraged by Trump’s comments, but they didn’t take him seriously.

They viewed his comments as nothing more than a slap in the face to Muslims, but a slap nonetheless. 

The country was shocked. 

As a candidate, Trump promised that his election would “Make American Great Again,” a slogan that he and many others adopted as part of his campaign. 

By the time Trump left office, it was clear that the slogan wasn’t the one he’d actually adopted. 

Since then, Trump’s presidency has proven to be far less than a Make America Great again slogan.

Trump has failed to implement his “America first” slogan and instead has focused on his own agenda: fighting illegal immigration, fighting terror, and building the wall on the border with Mexico. 

But that’s not the only reason for his failures in the Muslim world. 

For decades, Trump has used his platform as a billionaire real estate mogul to promote a xenophobic agenda. 

In 2017, the United States officially entered the “War on Terror.” 

The Trump administration, led by a man who once told a reporter to “Go fuck yourself,” has gone after Muslims and others for not being a “true American.” 

Trump has also repeatedly said that Muslims are the “worst terrorists” in the world.

He even suggested that American Muslims are “going to have to go back to our neighborhoods” and “kill their own.” 

Now, Trump is promising to make America Great by killing Muslims.

This, in turn, will create a climate of fear in the United State, which will drive more Muslims to the U, and more Muslims will go abroad. 

To be clear, Trump never mentioned Muslims by name during his presidential campaign.

He has repeatedly said, for example, that the United Nations has no right to protect Muslims.

In fact, Trump, at the time of his election, said that the UN has no legal right to exist in the U.: The UN is a bunch of losers, run by the United Kingdom, led not by a leader but by people who are just a bunch at the United Nation, run a bunch by a bunch. 

So when the U says that we have no right at the UN to protect Muslim lives, he’s not saying Muslims should die; he’s saying that Muslims should go back. 

Even in the midst of all of this, Trump was a successful businessman who built a fortune in real estate and made a fortune off his real estate deals.

Trump’s real estate empire, which he bought with his father in 1987, had a turnover of nearly $3 billion in 2016, according to Forbes. 

It is unclear what Trump’s strategy for making America Great is, but it is clear that Trump has no intention of addressing the challenges that he has created for himself and the world in the name of “America.” 

A few months after he took office, Trump tweeted a video that included footage of himself talking about his plans to kill Muslims and Muslims, which is what led many Muslims to believe he was joking. 

One of the first things Trump did when he took over as President was to launch an investigation into the supposed Muslim ties to the Orlando nightclub shooting, which was claimed to have been carried out by a “radical Islamic terrorist.”

The investigation was never completed, and, in fact, the FBI later found that the shooter, Omar Mateen, was not a Muslim.

Trump even went so far as to attack President Obama, saying that he should have been more careful in what he said about Muslims.

The President of the United United States, after all, had to be careful what he had to say about Muslims because of the investigation. 

Then Trump launched an attack on the NFL for not having enough fans in their stadiums to fill the stadium. 

After Trump’s initial attack on NFL players protesting the treatment of minorities, he continued his attacks on NFL fans for not showing up. 

He also attacked the American labor movement for not supporting workers and unions.