Clarion hotel to offer discounted hotel rate

Clarion hotels will offer discounted rates on its hotel rooms for its customers who have opted for the hotel upgrade, the company said on Thursday.

The announcement comes a day after the Lodha Group’s Lodha Hotels Group said it would increase the rate on its hotels from Rs. 4,500 to Rs. 5,000 for a single room.

This would apply to all hotels, not just the Clarion and the Marriott brands.

Clarion hotels have been in the spotlight for their low rates.

The company said that it would provide the lowest rates to its hotels in the country on February 2.

The Clarion brand has been hit by rising costs of airfares and air-conditioning, while the other hotels in India have been struggling to cope with the fallout from the demonetisation.

Lodha Hotices Group’s Clarion brands are also facing criticism for having poor service in the wake of the demon-freezing measure.