Hotels and motels have been hit hard by the ice storm

More than half of the rooms in hotels in Niagara Falls were closed on Monday, with the city also seeing record snowfall.

More than 400 hotel rooms were closed and at least four others shuttered, according to the city.

There were more than 2,500 cancellations across the Niagara Falls area.

In some cases, the rooms were just not accessible.

In the city of Rochester, a total of 4,000 hotel rooms and motel rooms were shut down.

In other cities, more than 3,000 hotels were closed, and at one hotel, more people were on the street than in their rooms.

In Rochester, there were more hotel rooms than at any time in the past two weeks, and about 6,500 people were forced to stay in hotels, city officials said.

In St. Cloud, Minnesota, a motel room was closed and the city had about 8,000 rooms closed, according, and there were about 810 hotel rooms closed in St. Paul.

In Detroit, the city closed down more than 30 hotels and motices, and some hotel rooms had been fully closed.

In Detroit, more hotels closed than at a single time in 20 years.

In Atlanta, the number of hotels closed was about 1,400, city and hotel officials said, and the number was higher than the previous week.

The National Weather Service issued a yellow-green warning for snowfall in the area of the cities of Minneapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City and Indianapolis.

A yellow-orange warning was issued for a snow-covered area in the mountains of central Idaho, the agency said.

It is not clear how much damage will occur, the weather service said.

The snow will be in the upper 80s and possibly above freezing temperatures in some areas.