How to Find Hotel Rooms in the Waikiki Hotels

HAWAII CITY, HI — The Honolulu Hotel Association has announced that hotel rooms will be available for rent starting May 3, 2019.

The association’s board of directors voted unanimously on Thursday to make the announcement, which is part of a broader plan to increase occupancy and enhance hotel guest experience in the city.

Hilton Hawaiian, Marriott, the Marriott Downtown, and the Honolulu Hotel all said they would be making hotel room availability available starting May 4.

Hilton, which owns the Honolulu hotel chain, said it would be offering hotel rooms for rent through the end of the year, while Marriott said it will offer hotel rooms through the beginning of 2019.

This announcement comes after the Hawaii Legislature approved a $1.3 billion hotel tax hike and a hotel occupancy tax hike earlier this year.

The hotel tax was approved in a $250 million bond issue that passed the state Legislature in June.