How to spend $50,000 at a luxury hotel in Sydney

In the wake of the Sydney siege, some luxury hotel owners are scrambling to offer discounts to make it harder for people to buy a gun.

The Sydney siege has resulted in some hotel owners offering discounts to gun owners who purchase a gun on their premises.

A group of leading Sydney property owners, including the Coopers and the Hilton, are offering gun-free zones to their guests.

The hotel owners say the decision was made because there was no way of telling the difference between a gun-toting person and a person not armed.

“We don’t want anyone to be put in danger and we want to protect the safety of our guests,” said Peter Boulton, CEO of the Cooper Group, which operates the Hilton Sydney.

“If we’re going to offer these discounts, we’ve got to make sure that we’ve been very careful with how we’ve done it and that the person is really a member of our family.”

Gun-free zone rules are in place at some of Sydney’s most prestigious hotels, such as the Hotel Adelaide and the Carlton Hotel.

“These are places where we have to be very careful about where we are,” said Mr Boul, who says he is aware of at least three guests who have had difficulty purchasing a gun during the siege.

“This is the only way that we can make sure we’re not putting people in danger,” he said.

Gun-friendly zones at hotels are not unique to Australia.

A number of states have passed laws banning gun owners from buying guns on their properties, including California, Illinois, Minnesota, New York and Utah.

The owners of some luxury hotels are worried about the outcome of the siege if they have to do away with gun-friendly measures.

“You’re probably not going to see these kinds of reductions, because they’ll be so tight that people are going to be scared to go to a hotel,” Mr Boudin said.

“But what we want people to do is take their guns home, leave the premises, and get a gun if they see somebody on their property.”

It’s a pretty good safety net.

“In the US, a similar gun-control push has been in the works since the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in August.

Since then, some states have banned people from owning guns, including Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois and Kentucky.

Gun owners are also pushing to put limits on gun sales in the US.

Gun control advocates are hoping to pass a law in the House of Representatives to restrict gun sales to individuals convicted of felonies or misdemeanours.

In the past, gun-rights advocates have argued that the US is a more gun-happy society than Australia, and that allowing people to carry firearms on their person would lead to more gun deaths.

Gun control advocates have also been working to ban gun sales and ownership at gun shows and gun shows facilities.

A new bill introduced by the US congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has been introduced to restrict the ability of firearms dealers to sell guns to anyone, including those who have been convicted of a crime, domestic violence offences or mental illness.”

I’m concerned that the current legislation would open the door for more gun violence in America,” Ms Pelosi said on Wednesday.


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