The shining hotel that has become a symbol of Milwaukee hotels – TheMilwaukee Herald

By James Burditt and James McWilliamsThe shining hotel at Milwaukee International Airport has become one of the most photographed spots in the world.

The hotel, which is owned by the city of Milwaukee and features three floors of luxury suites, is one of four major hotels in the city.

The other three are the Palace, the Marquee and the Hilton Milwaukee.

It’s also the place where the Milwaukee Bucks play their games.

In January, the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to lease the hotel to the Bucks.

It was the second time the city has leased a hotel, and it’s the first time the team has used the space.

There are no plans to move the team to the Marquis, a longtime downtown hotel.

A Milwaukee County commissioner has called the decision “disappointing” and said the lease would not have happened if the Bucks had not been interested in the property.

Milwaukee is one half of the Milwaukee Regional Economic Development Authority.

It’s owned by Milwaukee County, but the county has authority to manage and operate all of the hotels.

The Milwaukee hotel has become known as the “stunning hotel” in the community because of its size and the luxury suite amenities it offers.

The hotel has attracted so many visitors and has been one of its main attractions.

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