Trump Hotel Room: Trump’s new home is the ‘worst place to raise a child’

New York (AP) President Donald Trump’s decision to move into a luxury hotel room in his new Manhattan condo may not have been a big deal for the country, but the move may be a step too far for some people in the conservative Christian enclave where he grew up.

The president is now living in a hotel room he bought for $1.6 million in December and has used for private events, but it is not part of the president’s official residence, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.

He has also rented it for private functions, such as a golf tournament, golf outings and a private dinner with guests.

It’s the first time Trump has used a hotel for a formal residence since he left office in January.

The hotel has been rented out for events such as family gatherings and a charity golf tournament in the Trump Plaza Hotel in downtown Manhattan.

Trump is the first sitting president to live in a condo that’s part of his official residence.

The Trump family is among the most prominent conservative Christian families in the country.

Trump has frequently described his new home as a place where he can stay for as long as he wants.

But his decision to use a hotel as his official residential address was a clear departure from his previous residency at Mar-a-Lago, where he lived for about three months.

He is still registered at Marjorie Merriweather Post Office Park, a historic property that dates back to 1882.

Mar-A-Lago was also used as a residence for former President Richard Nixon during his 1972 White House bid.

The AP’s review of documents obtained from the Trump Organization through a Freedom of Information Act request shows that the president has lived at the Mar-as-Lago property since December, when the property was purchased for $950,000 by the Trump family.

The documents show that the hotel has also been used for a private event at Marla’s Club in Palm Beach, Florida, for a wedding in April and for a dinner with former president George W. Bush, and that the room has been used to hold a private meeting between Trump and President Joe Biden.

The property’s use as a private residence is also a departure from previous presidents’ official residences, which have included a hotel and a home.

The White House has said that Trump is a registered member of the Marla Maples Club, which he founded in the 1930s, a club for wealthy men.

The club’s website says that members enjoy exclusive events, such a the club’s annual annual gala, which is held at the Trump’s Palm Beach home.

“If there is a guest, then it is the responsibility of the host to make sure the guest is not intoxicated, is otherwise under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, and has not committed any crimes, or that there is no danger to the host’s or guests safety,” the club says.

Trump’s club is the only one of the Trump organization’s properties that does not have a full-time official residence and has been the subject of several lawsuits from Trump and others.

The clubs Trump is associated with has also drawn scrutiny for the president and his family’s use of the properties as residences.

In 2016, the U.S. Department of Justice accused the Trump club of running a scheme to illegally influence the bidding process for a Trump National Golf Club project in Florida.

Trump sued the club, saying the company was trying to influence the bid process by using the Trump name, and also accusing the club of using the club as a front to collect money for the Trump Foundation.

The Justice Department said that the Trump-owned golf course has been a source of money for his foundation, and Trump has said the club is “the biggest beneficiary” of the development.

The lawsuit also said the Trump team allegedly tried to influence a Florida court to overturn the court order to block the project, in order to prevent the development from moving forward.

The case is ongoing.

Trump and his attorneys have said the golf club is doing well financially.

The golf club’s chairman has said he does not believe the club should be required to pay for the project.

A federal judge in Florida, who oversaw the Trump litigation, has said there’s “no dispute” that the club has been doing well and that it’s “not a sham” to operate as a business.

In the suit, Trump’s attorneys said he did not seek to pay the club for the hotel and for the club and that he was not trying to use it to collect donations.

The lawyers also said there is “no basis to believe” that Trump has committed any crime.

“As the subject matter of the complaint indicates, it appears that Mr. Trump does not use the Marjory Maples property for his personal use,” the lawsuit said.

The Mar-aville Club did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Associated Statesman newspaper reported that Trump’s lawyers also declined to discuss the case with the AP, citing confidentiality agreements.

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