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The new ‘Gaylord Hotel Suite’ may not be the most stylish place to spend your days, but it is the most affordable place to have a threesome.

Gaylord Hotels has been offering couples the chance to take on one of its two rooms, the ‘A’ suite, in the latest addition to its hotel range.

Couples can rent the ‘B’ suite for just £150 a night, with one room for two people.

The ‘A Suite’ room is £400 a night for two couples and a single person, or £750 for four people.

Gaylords Hotel Suite can be booked in a number of ways, including online, via their website or by phone.

The two-bedroom room is in a small room with a king size bed and an ensuite bathroom.

If you book online, you can reserve a single room for just $600 per night, or $8,500 a week.

The hotel has a 24-hour concierge service and offers a 24/7 online concierse, plus two complimentary internet phone calls a week from 8am to 8pm.

There are two bathrooms in the room, and two private balconies overlooking the hotel’s gardens.

In addition to the two rooms available to single people, the hotel has another room for couples for just under $1,000 per night.

Guests can book the ‘E’ suite in a room with two beds and two baths for just over $1.6 million per night per couple.

Gaylords hotel suite features a king bed, ensuite bath, and a king-sized bed, but the ensuite is only available to couples.

It’s available on request from 8.30am to 9pm Monday to Friday, and 10am to 10pm Saturday.

Gaylis hotel suite comes with a queen-sized bedroom, a king bathroom, and ensuite, with the ensuit fitted with a vanity.

If it’s booked online, the suite can be reserved by phone at 0844 878 7999 from 8:30am until 10pm on Monday to Saturday, and from 8pm on Saturday to 10am Sunday.

You can also book via their online booking system.

There’s also a ‘special offer’ that comes with the hotel, and that includes a special discounted rate for single people on their second night, for a rate of £400.

This rate is available only to single guests.

Guests will also be able to book their room via their phone, although they have to make an appointment to book.

If they book online and reserve the suite in person, the price is just under £1,200 per night for a two-bedroom room.

If booked by phone, you’ll pay just over £1.5 million for the suite.

This includes a private balcony overlooking the gardens, with an additional private balcony upstairs for a third person.

You’re also given a discount on the hotel concierges rate.

The three-bedroom hotel suite costs £2,000 a night.

The ensuite room costs £1 and a double bed for a single £2.1 million.

You’ll pay £3,500 per night in the hotel suite, but that’s not the only perk, with guests getting a ‘guest rate’ of just £250 per night which covers their stay in the suite, plus an additional charge of £2 for a breakfast.

You may also get a special discount on your room.

It can be found by phone on the ‘Hotel Suite’ page, but if you book it online, there’s no booking fee and the rates are very competitive.

It is possible to book the hotel room online and not pay the booking fee, but Gaylends rooms can only be booked up to 30 days in advance, and you can only book a single night.

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