How to get the best night’s sleep at a beach resort

Beverly Hills hotel has introduced a night-time shower and night-shift shifts, but they aren’t cheap.

Key points:The resort is a popular hangout for locals and touristsThe new system is aimed at ensuring visitors have adequate sleep at nightWhat is night shift?

The night-shifts are meant to make it easier for staff to get home at the end of the dayWhat are the issues?

The resort recently announced it would be introducing a night shift.

In a statement the resort said:”We’ve worked closely with the NSW Department of Primary Industries and Tourism to identify the issues that have led to a number of concerns, including the loss of night time work for our staff and visitors.”

The night shift is meant to ensure staff have adequate night time sleep, but it is still expensive.

A night shift at Beverley Hills cost the resort $60,000 in 2016.

It was the resort’s first night shift since 2008.

It said: “We have a dedicated team of dedicated and dedicated staff who have worked on the night shift for over six years.”

“We are aware of the problems the night-duty workforce face and are taking steps to mitigate those risks.”

What does night shift mean?

“We work from 8pm until 7am and staff will go home around 7.30pm.

They will get a full night’s rest at 7.45pm and return home around 10pm,” the resort explained.

It added: “The night shifts are paid at $1.30 per hour and all staff are required to take a 24 hour ‘duty’ to their next shift.”

It said the staff had to take their shifts during the day “because we are required by law to do so”.

“The hours are also set by NSW Supervisors and it is the responsibility of the manager of the night shifts to ensure that the hours are met.”

The resort said the new night-work arrangements would “improve the experience of guests and staff alike”.

What are other resorts doing?

“Beverly Hills is a major local destination for the city of Sydney and we are proud to have been selected to host the 2018 Sydney Olympics,” the statement said.

“The night work will also help to ensure a more efficient operation at the resort and we’re looking forward to welcoming our guests and locals again in the new year.”

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